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Wally’s World


Hi everybody! I’m ERL Rock the Ozark Wall, but affectionately known as Wally!

I’m a 3-year-old registered American Shetland Pony who loves to play and show off. My mom says I’m super sweet, and very mischievous too! (hmmm...I wonder what that means) Since my mom also thinks I’m really smart, I am headed to Kildow Stables to learn how to be a driving pony.

My trainer, Amber Kildow, is the best! She has trained and shown Shetlands, Hackneys, and Miniatures for over 30 years, and has won numerous Worlds, Congress and national titles! And, she is also head of the Judges for the ASPC and has a series of training DVDs.

So, come along and follow my training progress. I’ll start with the basics, like lunging and round pen work, and then move to being bitted up, groundwork, and into the cart. I’ll be sure to update you often with my latest and greatest adventures in training!

Wally’s Latest Adventures


Hello my friends! Uncle Wally here! That's right, Uncle Wally. Let me introduce you to my two new nieces! They're the best and super cute. Check them out!

  • Wally's nieces
  • Wally's nieces

Keep checking back to see all my adventures.

Previous Adventures


Hi all! Amber said it is very important you have your teeth checked especially when you are going to be driving. So, she had an equine dentist come and visit me. I had points and caps and wolf teeth! The points had to be filed down, the caps had to be taken off and the wolf teeth had to be pulled. I am all good now. I had the day off, but I am back to having fun with training.

Wally's teeth cleaning


Hello my friends! This is my first show of the season at the Grand Champion Foundation Stallion. I'm super excited. Check out the pics of me going into the arena!

  • Grand Champion Foundation Stallion
  • Grand Champion Foundation Stallion


Hello my friends! Amber and I are having fun and we've been very busy at Kildow Stables. She works with me twice a day because I am full of energy! - a.k.a. "the energizer horsey" I'm learning so many new things and onto Phase 2!

In this (updated) episode, Amber shows how to fit and use a Chifney Bit, and how to properly attach it to my Driving Harness. And of course, my very favorite, Likit!


Check me out! Today, Amber gave me a haircut and I loved it! She used the Andis clippers so it took no time at all. After I was done, Amber wrapped me up in my favorite Kensington™ blanket to keep me warm.What do you think?

  • Wally's Haircut
  • Wally's Haircut
  • Wally's Haircut
  • Wally's Haircut
  • Wally's Haircut
  • Wally's Haircut


Hi everyone! Spring is in the air and the days are getting longer, which means I get to have more fun lessons with Amber! Today I started my Ground Driving training. In this video, Amber shows you how to fit the Mose Miller Leather Training Surcingle. More to come soon so be sure to keep checking back to see all my adventures.


Check me out — today was fun! I did Basic Round Penning while Amber explains the "how and why" behind it. Oh, and those delicious treats she gave me for doing such a good job are the Manna Pro Bite Size Nuggets...yummy!


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share our first blog post! It is super cold here in Indiana, yet my amazing trainer, Amber, wanted to let you all know what is going on at the training center.

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  • Updated: 5/9/2019: 4:19:01 PM ET