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Ozark Miniature Tack

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Our new premium brand developed exclusively for minis and ponies. With over 30 years of experience, our experts have collaborated with industry renowned partners to develop an incredible lineup of products! Our consumers already value the quality of Ozark harnesses, blankets, halters, sweats, and more. Check it out — we’re sure you’ll love what you see!

Blankets & Sheets

The perfectly designed blankets and sheets specifically for your mini! They fit great and are made for long-wearing durability!

Sleazy Sleepwear

Vibrant and fun colors, our made in the USA, Sleazy Sleepwear collection is sure to liven up any barn or show! With 4-way stretch, premium nylon spandex and seams that are sewn on the outside, help keep your mini’s coat super smooth. Keep your mini looking their best, not just during showing, but at all times.


Stand out with a variety of show halters or amazing everyday halters that were made to fit your mini! Whatever your needs are, we’ve got it!

Mini Necessities

No matter how small your equine is, they still have the same needs as any larger ones. We’ve got you covered for all your minis’ basic needs.


Artisan crafted top-of-the-line harnesses that are made with high-quality leathers, expert craftsmanship, and exquisite details for your driving pleasure.

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  • Updated: 1/17/2019: 9:11:59 AM ET
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