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Protection for your mini!

Pests not only annoy and irritate minis, they could spread diseases and cause allergic reactions and other bite sensitivities. While there is no way to eliminate these pests completely, there are ways to help control the infestation. Fly-fighting essentials like repellents and spot-on treatments are designed to be used on the horse, while fly masks, boots, and sheets create a physical barrier of protection. Keep fly traps, bags, and catchers in and around the stable to help reduce the pest population.

Fly Sheets

Minis need just as much protection from the sun and biting insects as you do. Help them out with fly sheets-essential in protecting them from annoying bites. Lighter-weight than regular blankets, fly sheets provide protection to a mini's entire body when turned out or in the barn.

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Fly Fighter Mosquitoes are most active from dusk to dawn. Keep your mini protected with horse wear items, like fly masks, fly sheets, and fly boots, to help reduce biting.

Fly Masks & Boots

What’s more annoying for a mini than flies and other biting insects buzzing around and nipping on its face and legs? Durable fly masks from top brands like Tough-1™, Cashel™, Kensington™, and others can provide strong protection, while fly boots are an effective and easy method for keeping your horse’s legs safe from pests and potential infection.

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Fly Fighter Point a running box fan on your mini in his stall. Many biting insects - especially midges - are poor fliers and will avoid the air current, which means they’ll stay away!

Fly Repellents & Sprays

Flies and other pests can cause a great deal of pain and irritation with their bites. One way to help alleviate this problem is using fly repellents designed specifically for horses. Horse fly sprays, baits, and spot-on treatments can help decrease the number of flies and larvae in your stable or pasture.

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Fly Fighter The female fly may lay as many as 21 batches of offspring, each containing up to 130 eggs. Enjoy a pest-free season with the state-of-the-art SprayMaster™ System Kit. Learn More ❯

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