Spoil your mini, surprise your favorite trainer, or treat yourself!

For Your Mini
  • Mrs. Pastures� Cookies for Horses. Good-for-them treats! Up to 25% off!
  • Ozark Mini Neon Nylon Halter. Fun, vibrant colors!
  • Likit� Boredom Buster. Hours of fun! Over 15% off!
Great Gifts for the Trainer!
  • Ozark Premium Nylon Halter With Brass Tag . Multiple color choices! Over 15% off!
  • Kensington� All Around Zipper Tote Bag. 10% off!
  • E-Gift Certificates. Always a welcome gift!
Perfect Presents for Friends
  • Kelly Herd Halter Pendant. Beautifully handcrafted! Over 25% off!
  • Personalized Leather Bracelet With ID Plate. The personal touch!
  • L�TTIA Chocolate Fleece Throw. Cozy comfort! 25% off!
Perfect for YOUR List
  • Casual Style. Show your mini love!
  • All About the Mini. Expert advice!
  • Best-Selling Boots. Where function meets style!
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  • Updated: 10/15/2020: 12:15:24 PM ET
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