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Foaling Season Essentials

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Foaling is an exciting time of year. Nothing is cuter or more precious than a new foal. They are adorable, but even newborns have needs other than their mothers. We carry a wide range of items that will help you through foaling season. Always remember: if you think there is an issue, call your veterinarian.

Blankets & Halters

Foals born in the cold weather sometimes will need a blanket or a simple polar fleece jacket to keep them warm. Just make sure they are dry before you place it on them. The younger you begin working with your foals the easier it will be. Start out with a teenie-weenie halter just to get them used to it.


Tip: Keep a waterproof blanket on hand if they want to go out in the rain — these babies love their play time!

Health & Wellness

The right supplements can help ensure little ones start off on the right hooves. Foals are notorious for upset stomachs, so probiotics are an excellent item to have on hand just in case. And sometimes it takes a day or two for the mare’s milk to come in, so it never hurts to have a milk supplement for those situations when you’re waiting.


Little King is one of the largest breeders of miniature horses. Their instructional video series helps you navigate potential foaling problems by ensuring your knowledge of procedures and what to expect after foaling.


Tip: A training halter surcingle will help with teaching them to lead, but without a lot of the drama.

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