Get Ready for Fall!

Get Ready for Fall!

With colder weather coming, now is the time to begin prepping your barn. The steps you take now to organize and repair your stable will help save time and expenses during the winter months. Preparations for your barn will help make your mini safer, and the winter more enjoyable for both of you.

Barn Supplies

We’ve got you covered for the cold! Stock your stable with these essentials for your mini. Let us help you organize your tack, tidy your stalls, de-clutter walkways, and ensure protection for you, your mini horses, and anyone who visits your barn.

Pest Control Center - Your Guide to Protection for Your Mini

Cold Weather Solutions

We have effective solutions for storing and de-icing water, sparing you frustration and expense, and helping your mini stay hydrated and healthy throughout the colder weather.

Exclusive! MiniTack by Kensington®

Fall in love with our favorites — especially for you!

From footwear and apparel to bags and books, these hand-picked items are perfect to show your mini-love!

Did you know? We also carry:

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