Meet Debbie! Our expert on minis!

When you call MiniTack you can talk to our expert, Debbie. She knows all of our products inside and out, and anything we don’t know she’ll find out for you. We have over 25 years of experience with minis and they are a part of our everyday lives. We know how you feel about your mini because we feel the same way about ours — we just want the best for them.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned owner...

Expert advice is always a phone call away!

Call Debbie at: 888-775-64469-5 ET

Debbie started working at Ozark Minitack in 2004 and quickly became the favorite customer service person — in fact people would call in and prefer her over me. She loves people and their stories about their "special" mini or pony. Debbie is dedicated to getting her customers answers and providing the best possible service and experience as possible. She has learned so much over the last 14 years and has never been afraid to ask if she doesn’t know. would not be the company it is today if Debbie hadn’t been there to provide the support to me and to all of our customers.

– Lisa Borg, Founder

After years of teasing Lisa about her love for the horses — it happened one day to me. I first saw Goldmines Hello Hello back in 2013 and fell in love. I had helped around the farm and with the minis and ponies but had not shown — but that was to change!! Hello Hello and I went on to win at the local level and then went to the Shetland Congress and came home with a Congress Championship. Hello is now having babies for us at Ozark and I look forward to showing one of them soon.

– Debbie Weaver

A "Mini" Bio

Debbie with horse

GoldMines Hello Hello came to us as a 3 year old. She is a 10 hand registered American Shetland. Her and Debbie had an instant rapport and to this day — Debbie is the only one that can walk out into a 20 acre field and catch her. Hello is absolutely gorgeous and she knows it. She has been a very successful show horse, been an awesome product model and now is living the life of leisure having babies.

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  • Updated: 5/22/2020: 1:08:29 PM ET
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