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Miniature Horse and Pony Sweats & Wraps

Sweats and Wraps

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Throatlatch and Neck

Neo Neck Wrap  Awesome sweating tool LLLWP8 LLLWP8
Neck Sweats  Black Neoprene lined with thick polartech fleece. Easy to use LLL1618 LLL1618
Neck Wrap  Wrap where you need the most work LLL6016 LLL6016
Throat Latch Sweats  Black Neoprene lined with polartech fleece. LLL0204 LLL0204

B&B Training Sweats

B&B Neck Wrap  The best sweating wrap on the market BBNS BBNS
B&B Throatlatch Sweat   Get the ultimate in definition BBTS BBTS
B&B Full Neck Sweat   working sweat BBFNS BBFNS


Lined Neck & Shoulder Sweat  Define the neck & shoulder LLL6019 LLL6019
Full Body Lined Sweat  For those horses that need sweating 24 hour a day LLL6025 LLL6025
Full Neoprene Body Sweat  Sweat for maximum results. LLL1415 LLL1415

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