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Miniature Horse and Pony Saddles & Bridles

Miniature Horse Saddles & Bridles

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Saddles & Girths

Western Leather Saddle made by H&H Saddlery in the USA  leather with 10" seat, tooling choices.   Back billet & girth option. BHH20 BHH20
Western Saddle Set  Saddle, bridle, pad, bit, girth BHHSET BHHSET
Western Cordura Saddle    Black Cordura nylon, 11" seat w/silver conchos JTCOR JTCOR
Toddler Saddle    Cordura, neon colors, 8" seat, versatile JTNCOR JTNCOR
Western Girth    16", 18", 20" and 22" nylon w/black felt lining FB100 FB100
Western Cinch    Rope cinch, 18", 20", 22"  LLLRC LLLRC
Neoprene Girth    With removable back. 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24" JT60 JT60

Saddle Blankets

Saddle Blanket  100% wool, hand-woven. 20 x 20 when folded EP403 EP403

Western Bridles & Breast Collars

Western Bridle    Made in USA by Mose Miller, leather, very refined, nice.  Added beautiful silver show bridle option. LLLBB LLLBB
Nylon Headstall and Reins    Made in USA Nylon Bridle. Several colors.  LLL1017 LLL1017
Nylon Chin Strap    Nylon ends with chain in the middle LLL89 LLL89

Bosal & Hackamore

Miniature Bosal   A great bitless option. Purchase separately or as a complete bridle JTBOS JTBOS

English Saddle & Bridle

English Saddle   Leather with leathers & stirrups, 12"  LLLES LLLES
English Saddle Set    complete with saddle, bridle, pad, girth  ESS100 LLLES
English Saddle Pad   Fleece, contoured LLLESP LLLESP
English Girth   24" and 28" nylon backed with fleece. Elastic on one end. TE01 TE01
Leather English Bridle  Beautiful, refined Amish made with a caveson and single rein.  Also available with silver bar browband.  LLLEB LLLEB

Miniature Horse Australian Saddle

Australian Saddle    Leather with 12" youth seat  JTAUS JTAUS

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