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Gift Certificates # OMGC


Having problems determining what to purchase as a gift? Ozark Mountain has the perfect solution, one of our gift certificates. Your miniature horse or pony lover will always find a much needed and appreciated item in our catalog or on our website.
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* We will mail a beautiful gift certificate in any amount you request along with your personalized message.

* Or purchase Gift Certificates along with your regular
order that you can use whenever you wish. 

* The gift certificate(s) will be printed on high quality heavy cardstock.

* The gift certificate(s) can also now be emailed.




Note: Due to shopping cart limitations only 1 personalized gift certificate of the same dollar amount may be purchased on any one order online. This is a free shipping item(#OMGC) so do feel free to make multiple orders if you desire, or give us a call.

Gift Certificates
$ 5.00 to 250.00 each

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