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Miniature Horse and Pony Pleasure Harness # MW95

Leather Harness - Simply the Best
All of our leather harnesses are handcrafted in the USA by Mose Miller.
Only first quality leather and craftsmanship is used.
All harnesses come complete with a bit and are ready to use.
We stock our harnesses !
Please give us the following measurements when ordering:
1.) Height at withers,
2.) Center of chest to center of tail,
3.) Girth, & 4.) Bridle (corner of month over poll to opposite corner of mouth.)


Pleasure Harness MW95

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Pleasure Harness MW95
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Pleasure Harness MW95

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Pleasure Harness
Just getting started?
Then this is the perfect harness. Made with the same first quality leather and craftsmanship as all of our leather harnesses. This harness is made to last! A few added touches allows you to use this harness both for daily workouts and in the show ring. Patent blinders and back saddle add a little glitz. Detachable breeching streamlines your harness for the show ring. Our pleasure harness can be used in an arena, out in a pasture or out trail driving on the back roads. Choice of Overcheck or Sidecheck (Sidecheck comes with caveson). Brass or Chrome Hardware.

# MW95
Miniature $ 279.00  now only $260  
Shetland  $ 299.00 
  now only $280  




Dual check.  Makes this wonderful harness even more versatile by getting it as a dual check harness.  Dual check harness comes with overcheck, sidecheck and caveson.  This is great for multiple horse use and/or when you don't know which check your horse will end up working better with.  Exact same harness as described above.

NEW - Now available in larger sizes !!!

# MW95D
Miniature $ 299.00    now only $275
Shetland  $ 315.00    now only $290
Large Pony  $ 450.00 (46-54" height)  now only $399
Cobb/Arab   $ 475.00  






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