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Mother Natures Mare Foaling Predictor Kit # MNFBKW




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Foaling Predictor Kit
This awesome Kit has what you need to help you determine when your mare is close to foaling. Based upon the reading of the test strip, you can predict how close your mare is to foaling within 12-24 hours. Just collect a little milk from your mare, mix with the test solution, and test.
This kit consists of 25 test strips, bottle of testing solution, two test tubes with caps for mixing, collection cup with a wide based mouth, two syringes for measuring, a laminated color testing chart with gestation chart on the other side for easy reference, and an instruction guide.
Online support is offered for the use of this kit. This kit is manufactured in the USA and has been on the market for three years and has lots of happy customers!

Foaling Predictor Kit  $ 28.50  
Milk Refill Strips (25)   $ 18.00




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