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Miniature Horse and Pony Hoof Care

Miniature Horse Hoof Care Education

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    DVD  Hoof Care DVDs     
Excellent 153 min long DVD on how to trim your minis hooves.
SIM150 SIM150

Miniature Horse Boots

No Turn Bell Boots by Cashel - mini and pony size CABB DA311
Bell Boots by Davis - designed for overreach protection DA311 DA311
Leather Sneaker - Cushioned, comfortable and durable w/laces.   4 sizes MW99 MW99
Hard Sole Soaking Boot by Davis Good for continuous medical treatment DA200 DA200
** NEW **  Easyboot by EasyCare   Slip on with velcro closure   ECEB  
Driving Boot by EasyCare with gaiter. Excellent on rocks and hard surface.   ECBOOT ECBOOT
Barrier Boot by Davis - Pull on boot with adjustable strap DA13 DA13
Chain Weight Boots - Removable light chains, Great for Action! SL90 SL90

Miniature Horse Farrier Tools

Leather Hoof Rasp Cover   KKLC KKLC
Hoof Trim Kit    Everything you need to trim your minis   OMHTK OMHTK
Brass Hoof Leveler    Miniature & Pony size SLTHL SLTHL
Hoof Knife Double-Sided   Double edged blade JT65 JT65
Hoof Knife Narrow  To work on smaller horses JT50 JT50
Hoof Rasp    10" steel rasp. KD01 KD01
Rasp Handle    Wood handle for easier grip KD01H KD01H
10" Hoof Nippers by Diamond   Easy to handle, Sharp. KKN10 KKN10
Farrier Nippers 8 inch    Great for beginners KK70 KK70
Hoof Pick    5 1/2" with vinyl handle FB4 FB4

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