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Miniature Horse and Pony Barn Halters and Leads

Miniature Horse Barn Halters

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Nylon Halter 3/4" nylon with adjustable chin and grommets. Made in the USA.  11 colors and 6 sizes to choose from.    V125 V125
Nylon Halter 3/4" nylon with adjustable chin and grommets with brass plate.  V125P V125
Stable Halter  3/4" nylon with throat latch snap adjustable chin JW100 JW100
NEW New Non-Adjustable Halter  3/4" nylon  JW200  
Stable Halter  3/4" nylon with throat latch snap adjustable chin with brass plate JW100P JW100
Nylon Halter  5/8" nylon adjustable chin. LLLNH LLLNH
Red, White & Blue Halter and Lead Rope  5/8" nylon LLLUSA LLLUSA
Nylon Harness or Grooming Halter Tie your horse with Harness on JWHH JWHH
Halter Training Surcingle  Training foals to lead JW92 JW92
NEW New Brass Plates  - Personalize for your horse PLATE V125CH

Miniature Horse Fancy Barn Halters

Premium Leather Halter  Double stitched, 2-ply, 3/4 leather MW2003 LLL1003
Premium Leather Halter  5/8" 3-way adjustable - Amish made.    LLL1003 LLL1003
Leather & Nylon Halter  Overlay showmanship and performance halter HP550 HP550

B&B Training Halter

Training Halter  Great halter for horses that need discipline BBTH BBTH

Miniature Horse Breakaway Halters

Breakaway Halter  5/8" nylon with leather tabs. Added Weanling Size LLLBH LLLBH

Miniature Horse Lead Ropes

Lead Rope  3/8" x 8' polypro Eleven Colors to choose from ! V131 V131
Miniature Stud Lead  3/8" Polypro with 2' chain WPSC WPSC
Miniature Horse Lunge Lines    
Soft Cotton Lunge Line 20' with swivel snap. Made for minis.  KM31 KM31
Nylon Lungeing Caveson   Multiple rings across nose and poll BQHC  BQHC

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