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Miniature Horse and Pony Fly Protection

Crusader Fly Masks

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Crusader Fly Mask    No ears with short nose CASF CASF
Crusader Fly Mask    Long panel covers nose, no ears CAFM CAFM
Crusader Fly Mask with Ears  Short nose with ears.  Mini, Pony and Donkey sizes. CASFE CASFE
Crusader Fly Mask with Ears  Long panel covers nose.  Mini, Pony and Donkey sizes. CAFME CAFME

Kensington Fly Protection Products

Kensington Premium Fly Protection Set - Fly Sheet and Neck Piece.   KMFNP KMFNP
Kensington Protective Sheet    Front open, belly band, tailpiece and leg straps.    Added new color: Red plaid  KMPS KMPS
Kensington Premium Fly Neck Piece    KMFNP KMFNP
NEW New Kensington Protective Fly Mask  with soft mesh ears   KMFME KMFME
Kensington Protective Fly Mask    Now also available with soft mesh ears. Added new teal color. KMFM KMFM
Kensington Protective Boots    Used for trailering and/or fly protection. KMFB KMFB

Triple L Fly Protection Products

Fly Mask   Made in the USA by Triple L Mfg  White cotton mesh - 4 sizes. LLLFM LLLFM
Fly Mask with Ears   Made by Triple L Mfg White cotton mesh - 4 sizes. LLLFME LLLFME
Protective Boots by Triple L Fly and leg protection LLL7117 KMFB

Fly Protection Supplies

Equine Ear  and Facial Wipes   Cleans the gnats WP98356 WP98356
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