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 Miniature Horse and Pony Driving Supplies


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Harness Accessories

Harness Pad    1" foam pad w/hook-and-loop fasteners. MW39 MW39
Breast Collar Pad    acrylic fleece 2 1/2" x 25". MW26 MW26
Velvet Harness Pad    Fancy quilted w/shearling backing. 2 sizes SLTHP SLTHP
Harness Bag  By Show Horse Design. Shearling lined, 1000 denier Cordura.  Large color choice. SHD900 SHD900
Kensington Harness Bag   Quilt lined w/2 hanging hooks and 2 outside pockets with zipper closure. KMZBAG KMZBAG

Miniature Horse Driving Accessories

Harness Repair Kit   with beautiful leather case    MWHRK MWHRK
Easy-Entry Cart Cover    Nylon With Quilt Lining. 48" or 54" sizes.   LLL873 LLL873
Waterproof Cart Cover   Will fit wooden show carts or easy entry carts.  48" or 54" sizes. KMCC KMCC
Miniature Driving Diaper  Attaches to surcingle - great for parades & inside buildings CHDP CHDP
Nylon Harness Halter  Tie your horse with Harness on JWHH JWHH
Soft Driving Lines 10' with swivel snap and 2 sets of handholds KMCDL KMCDL
Chain Weight Boots    Removable light chains, Great for Action! SL90 SL90
Driving Whip    40' long, white handle JTWH JTWH
Deluxe Driving Whip    Black leather handle 44" long. KKDDW KKDDW
Whip Holder    Secures with 2 screws.  JW JW
Shaft Stops    Secures with 6 screws JSS JSS
Leather Thimbles   Work great on metal easy entry carts MWTI MWTI

Universal Strobe Light    Put on cart so you are visible.

Miniature Horse Driving Show Accessories    
Back Cart Number Holder    Use to place your show number in. SLT100 SLT100
Side Cart Number Holder    Set of 2 with numbers. SLT280 SLT280
Side Cart Numbers      2 sets of numbers only. SLT280N  
Back Number Holder    Collar clip to use with show number    LLL702 LLL702
Fancy Back Number Holder    Collar clip with concho LLL72X LLL72X
Harness Conchos  Choose from 5 conchos that match browbands LLLC LLLC

Miniature Horse Leg and Hoof Protection 

The Leather Sneaker    Cushioned, comfortable and durable w/laces. MW99 MW99
Bell Boots by Davis - designed for overreach protection DA311 DA311
Driving Boot By EasyBoot    Excellent on rocks & hard surfaces. ECBOOT ECBOOT
Barrier Boot  by Davis  Pull on boot with adjustable strap. DA13 DA13

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