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Miniature Donkey Section

Have a special place for those long eared companions? So do we.

Most of our miniature horse tack and supplies can be used on miniature donkeys. We have several mini donkeys and find that most of our tack fits quite well. If you have any questions, please email or call during business hours.

Miniature Donkey Tack and Gifts

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Books & Videos

NEW New Donkeys   A veterinary guide for owners & breeders. Soft back. This book covers miniature, standard and mammoth donkeys WI736 WI736
The Donkey Companion  Comprehensive 342 page donkey book SPDC SPDC

Gifts & Signs    

Best Friend Miniature Donkey Sign NB2 NB2
Miniature Donkey Crossing Sign S1 S1
Donkey with Attitude Sign TSPDA TSPDA


Pleasure Harness  Great starter harness w/breeching.
Nice enough for the show ring
MW95 MW95

Halters - Show and Barn

Quarter Style Halter Silver bars on the nose and sides MW28D MW28D
Leather & Nylon Halter Overlay showmanship and performance halter HP550 HP550
Nylon Halter  5/8" nylon adjustable chin  LLLNH LLLNH

Fly Protection & Muzzles

Kensington Halter Muzzle  Use with halter KMSQM KMSQM
Crusader Fly Mask  with Ears.  Long panel covers nose. CAFME CAFME
Fly Mask with Ears   by Triple L Mfg  White cotton mesh LLLFME LLLFME
Fly Mask by Triple L Mfg White cotton mesh LLLFM LLLFM

Blankets & Sheets

Kensington Fly Sheet Cooler  Use as Fly Sheet or Cooler. KM42 KM42
Foal Jacket  by Triple L Mfg   Cute and functional. Made of polarfleece  with a lined heavy duty zipper. LLL673 LLL673
Just had to post some pictures of our newest model, a painted (and striped) miniature donkey. She did great for just being a few days old.    
Click to Enlarge Photo Baby Donkey Left Click to Enlarge Photo Baby Donkey Right    

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