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For Love of the Miniature Horse # RJ100


For Love of the Miniature Horse # RJ100


Copyright protected material, excerpts from "For Love of the Miniature Horse".
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Mini Horses...
What Are They Good For?

What are sunsets good for?
To see one's flamboyant colors
splashed across a somber skyline
makes my heart leap up!

What are Mini Horses good for?
To see happy foals cavorting
just outside my kitchen window
makes my heart leap up!

What are redbirds good for?
To hear one pour its tiny heart out
in a joyous burst of song
makes my spirit soar!

What are Mini Horses good for?
To hear joyous, high-pitched nickers
greet me from across the pasture
makes my spirit soar !

What are breezes good for?
To feel a cool one's sudden gust
across my sweaty, sunburned brow,
gives me pause for joy.

What are Mini Horses good for?
To feel pushy little muzzles
search my pockets for a sweet treat
gives me pause for joy.

What are wild roses good for?
To walk old fence rows where they flourish
and drink in their fragile fragrance
satisfies my soul!

What are Mini Horses good for?
To wrap my arms around my mini
and drink in its horse aroma
satisfies my soul!

By Jody Chenoweth
Chenterra Farm Miniature Horses - Leavenworth, Kansas


The Little Ties That Bind

Our long-suffering husbands just sighed and said, "Have fun, dear," knowing that when the three of us "girls" got together it would be anyone's guess when we'd show up back home! And off we'd go for a few hours of pure and simple visiting, and horse-related activities. Every little diner in every little neighboring town knew that we'd be there awhile, we'd be so busy talking we'd forget to order! No one owning a miniature horse was safe from us, we scheduled "farm tours" on the spur of the moment, we went to parades, nursing homes, schools, sanctioned shows and fun matches, club meetings, committee meetings. TV stations, radio stations, vet clinics, driving clinics and clipping clinics. There were BBQs, stamping parties, farewell parties, birthday parties...did I mention parades? We'd even visit each others farms to see the latest foals, newest mares,  greatest auction finds or newest barn improvements. Or someone would just bring a dinner to the one of us who was sick, a phone call to see "what’s up," or a horse-sitting stint for whoever was out of town.

But we each have a life, too. One of us is an RN, mother of two active youngsters and minister's wife; one of us is a well-traveled, retired Army wife and grandmother of a teenager; and one of us is a great-grandmother, artist and farm wife. What, you ask, would create such a tight bond between three women ranging in ages from 31 years to 61 years to 71 years and with such diverse backgrounds? What, you ask, are miniature horses good for? This wonderful little animal is the cement that has bonded a beautiful friendship that will live in each of our hearts long after life's events have separated us!

By Sandy Martin (age 61)
Serenity Acres Miniature Horse Farm - Leavenworth, Kansas




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