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Miniature Horse and Pony Kits and Sets

Wonderful Sets and Kits at great Values

Harness & Cart Sets

Show Harness Package  Fancy rolled leather show harness, harness bag, harness pad, harness halter, side cart number holders, back number holder SHHARN
Beginning Harness Set  Pleasure harness, harness bag, back saddle pad BEGHARN
CDE / ADS Harness Set  Carriage harness with "V" breast collar, harness bag, back cart number holder, deluxe driving whip, handholds and harness repair kit CDESET
Getting Ready for Show Driving Package  Back cart number holder, back number holder, velvet back pad, deluxe driving whip, harness halter GRSDSET

Blanket and Sweat Sets

Blanket Show Set   Kensington Waterproof blanket, Kensington Plaid Sheet, Halter, Lead Rope, Neck sweat, neck wrap, poll muzzle BLSHSET
Summer Show Set   Kensington Plaid Sheet, Halter, Lead Rope, Sleazy Hood, Sleazy Sheet and tailbag SUMSHSET
Summer Sheet Set   Kensington Plaid Sheet, Halter, Lead Rope SUMSET
Sweat Set   2" Throatlatch Sweat, 4" Neck Wrap and 10" Neck Sweat SWEATSET
Kensington  Fly Protection Package - Fly Sheet, mask, boots, fly spray, wipes.   FPRPKG
Kensington  Premium Fly Protection Set - Fly Sheet and Neck Piece.   KMFNP

Healthcare Sets

Hoof Trim Kit  Everything you need to trim your minis in one set OMHTK
First Foal Set   Waterproof foal blanket, halter & lead    FIFOAL
Exercise Package   Lungeing caveson, lunge line  EXPGK

 DVD Sets

Pony Primer DVD Set   Pony halter, Harnessing Up, Groundwork,
Drive On
Little King DVD Set   Breeding, Foaling, Foal to Weaning KING
Everything Miniature DVD Set   A Clean Start, Clipping for Show, Show Day Prep, Small Equine Dentistry, Hoof Care, Showing your Miniature at Halter & Ringside with Jim Curry - Showing at Halter EVMIN
Clinic DVD Set   SMLEC Clinic, OMHCI Seminar, AMHS Spring Clinic CLINDVD
Driving and Obstacle Training the Miniature Horse  by Bobbie Ferraro.  All five of her wonderful DVD's. BFDSET



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