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Miniature Horse and Pony Harness  

Miniature Horse Leather Harnesses
by Mose Miller  First Quality, Amish made. Great fit, awesome detail, with lots of Adjustment.

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NEW New AMBER KILDOW Bitting, Breaking Driving Harness Easy snaps & heavier leather.  A wonderful harness for all uses.    MW220 MW220

Harness UP   by Amber Kildow. An awesome new DVD explaining in detail how to harness your small equine properly.  Buy any harness and get this DVD for only $20.00.  Order it here 

Harness Option  
Fancy Rolled Leather Pony Show Harness    Beautiful harness that comes with 2 headstalls - everything you need to show !! MW850 MW850
Western Leather Show Harness    Barb wire design with silver buckles and silver conchos - absolutely beautiful MW930 MW930
Fancy Rolled Leather Show Harness    Top of the line with all the special features - awesome show harness     MW400 MW400
CDE Show Harness   Beautiful harness designed by Dr Pam
Use in combined driving or in the showring 
Rolled Leather Show Harness  
Gorgeous dual check harness with all the bells and whistles
MW315 MW315
Mose Miller Show Harness An unbelievable nice show harness at a great price. Buckle in traces option available. MW200 MW200
Carriage Harness  V Breast collar option.  Awesome New
Use at CDE events, out in the fields, or in the show ring.
MW135 MW135
Pleasure Harness  Great starter harness w/breeching.  Nice enough for the show ring.    Biggest seller !!    MW95 MW95
Russet Pleasure Harness  Beautiful dual check pleasure harness MW90 MW90

Team Harnesses 

Fancy Draft Leather Team Harness Detailed and exquisite MWTDH MWTDH
Fancy Single Draft Leather Harness replica of the Budweiser harness MWFSDT MWFSDT

Biothane Harnesses 

Miller Biothane Show Harness   all of the options and bling MW500 MW500
Miller Biothane Pleasure Harness  Great starter harness w/breeching. Nice enough for the show ring. Dual check. MW140 MW140

Nylon Harnesses 

Nylon Driving Harness   Overcheck bridle, leather reinforcements BQHNH BQHNH

Training Harness & Accessories

Kensington Harness Bag   Quilt lined w/2 hanging hooks and 2 outside pockets with zipper closure. KMZBAG KMZBAG
Bitting, Breaking Driving Harness Easy snaps & heavier leather.  A wonderful harness for all uses.    MW220 MW220
Leather Bitting Rig    Training surcingle , open bridle and side reins.  Open bridle also sold separately. MW60 MW60
Training Surcingle - Leather  3 sets of rings. Comes with crupper and strap MWSC MWSC
Nylon Lungeing/Driving Caveson   Multiple rings across nose and poll BQHC BQHC
Nylon Training Surcingle   3 sets of rings JWNS JWNS
Nylon Harness Halter  Tie your horse with Harness on JWHH JWHH
Soft Driving Lines 10' with swivel snap and 2 sets of handholds KMCDL KMCDL
Elastic Side Reins   Heavy elastic w/snaps on both ends  MWES MWES

  Please call us for more information on special sizing.
It's worth the call as our harness is simply the best.

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