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Miniature Horse and Pony Tack Closeouts

Closeouts, Clearance & Overstock

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Doorknob Knockers - Amish made AX AX
Miniature Horse Accessories for the House JT Mini
Designs by Lisa T-shirts SHIRTS
Everything Miniature T-shirt
Nancy Switzer T-Shirts  -  2014 AMHR Nationals ST995  
See the new Lutke Convertible Halter    nosebands and browbands DL100 DL100
Silvertip Halter  -  black, rope halter in pony size ST995  
Summer Sheet  -  Supplex Closed front, belly band and covered tail piece. OM500 OM2000
Bell Boots by Bar F    Rugged neoprene w/hook-and-loop closure B500 B500
No Turn Bell  Boots  - by Cashel CABB  
Half cheek snaffle 3 1/2 medium twist driving snaffle  R218 R218
Leather Harness Pad    Soft leather with grip backing 2 sizes MWLHP MWLHP
Twisted Ring Snaffle Bit 4 medium twist driving snaffle  JT537  

Kensington Overstock Section
These are discontinued colors and/or styles

Kensington Pony  Waterproof  Blanket  - Breathable and lightweight. Your choice of weight: 80 or 240 gram.       KM253 KM253
Kensington Protective Sheet - Textilene Fly sheet or protective cover.         KMPS KMPS
Kensington Halter Square Muzzle  Use with halter   KMSQM KMSQM
Kensington Poll Muzzle  Eliminate eating    KMPM KMPM
Grooming Tote Bag  Lots of pockets and sections for all of your grooming needs. 30" x 16" 4"    KMGTB KMGTB
Double Halter Bag  Fleece lining. Will hold 4 halters KMHB KMHB


Understanding Colic  What to do before the vet arrives WI205  
Knack Leg and Hoof Care for Horses  One Stop information source WI475 WI475
Blessed are the Foals - newborn foals, neonatal emergencies, trauma and illness, problem foals, parasites, feed and nutrition.   WI052 WI052
Advanced Trickonometry HHAT HHAT
Trickonometry  The Secrets of Teaching Your Horse Tricks. HHT HHT

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