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Miniature Horse and Pony Tack Closeouts

Closeouts, Clearance & Overstock

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Doorknob Knockers - Amish made AX AX
Miniature Horse Accessories for the House JT Mini
Designs by Lisa T-shirts SHIRTS
Everything Miniature T-shirt
Nancy Switzer T-Shirts  -  2014 AMHR Nationals ST995  
See the new Lutke Convertible Halter    nosebands and browbands DL100 DL100
Silvertip Halter  -  black, rope halter in pony size ST995  
Summer Sheet  -  Supplex Closed front, belly band and covered tail piece. OM500 OM2000
Bell Boots by Bar F    Rugged neoprene w/hook-and-loop closure B500 B500
No Turn Bell  Boots  - by Cashel CABB  
Half cheek snaffle 3 1/2 medium twist driving snaffle  R218 R218
Leather Harness Pad    Soft leather with grip backing 2 sizes MWLHP MWLHP
Twisted Ring Snaffle Bit 4 medium twist driving snaffle  JT537  

Kensington Overstock Section
These are discontinued colors and/or styles

Kensington Pony  Waterproof  Blanket  - Breathable and lightweight. Your choice of weight: 80 or 240 gram.       KM253 KM253
Kensington Poll Muzzle  Eliminate eating    KMPM KMPM
Grooming Tote Bag  Lots of pockets and sections for all of your grooming needs. 30" x 16" 4"    KMGTB KMGTB
Double Halter Bag  Fleece lining. Will hold 4 halters KMHB KMHB


Knack Leg and Hoof Care for Horses  One Stop information source WI475 WI475
Blessed are the Foals - newborn foals, neonatal emergencies, trauma and illness, problem foals, parasites, feed and nutrition.   WI052 WI052
Advanced Trickonometry HHAT HHAT

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